Village Santandrea is located in the marina of the small town of Sant’Andrea Apostolo dello Jonio, just 4 km far from the ancient village perched on the hills in a panoramic view position.

The holidays at Villaggio Santandrea are the opportunity to discover the Calabria of the costa jonica, an ancient historic region offering itineraries among archaeoligical sites of the Magna Grecia, Byzantine and medieval abbeys and parks with luxuriant and pristine nature.

For 15 kilometers from Villaggio Santandrea, beyond Soverato, kilometers of sandy beaches, and a little further north Copanello di Stalettì and Caminia di Stalettì offer absolutely beautiful reefs and sea cliffs.

At 35 kilometers north of the village Santandrea, the Parco Archeologico di Scolacium, the Skylletion of the Magna Grecia (in the municipalilty of Roccelletta di Borgia), witnesses the presence in Calabria first of the Greeks and then of the Romans. Squillace, the city that gave birth to Cassiodoro, has impressive ruins of the Forum, the Basilica, the Thermal baths and the Theater.

At 40 kilometers south of the village club Santandrea can be admired: the Cattolica di Stilo, 9th century church, a gem of Byzantine architecture, in a panoramic position in the town of Stilo; the village of Riace, famous for the discovery of the Bronzes of Riace, preserved in the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria, with the characteristic historic center. At 70 kilometers from Villaggio Santandrea, Gerace is one of the most beautiful town of Calabria: among medieval alleys and lovely churches, you reach the castle, which dominates an extraordinary landscape.

A short distance from the tourist village Santandrea, Calabria offers one of the most enchanting natural scenes crowning an area already rich of attractions: the Certosa di Serra San Bruno. From here, the Parco Naturale Regionale delle Serre begins, extends among Aspromonte and Sila with enormous pristine forests, streams and waterfalls, including the waterfall Pietra Cupa on the river Assi di Guardavalle, which can be explored by walk or by car.

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